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Sunday, April 24, 2011


It has been months since I wrote, I felt the story has ended. Looking back at this blog, and everything in it....damn it brings me back to a hell storm, I want to think there is more to this story than that.

I'm days away from my first child being brought into this world....I'm completely excited. I can't believe that just a few short years ago it was a crap shoot if I could ever has kids. Well less than 6 months after chemo.... the unthinkable happened, and now I can't wait to be my child's best influence.

What a roller coaster ride cancer is, I still say Fuck You Cancer.... but now it's more of looking at the glass half full. This thing has made me revaluate life... I've been employed for a wonderful company for 6 months now, and I couldn't had asked for a better situation to re-acclimate to starting over.

Starting over is a tough phrase to swallow, but sometime a cliche 'fresh start' is what a man needs to grow. The chemo drug induced writings made me think like I never thought I could. I felt like a unbiased visitor in my life detailing my journey. For the quality of this blog I wish I still had that ability, but for the betterment of life I'm thankful to have that part of my life well documented, as still it's hard to read about some of those jittery sweat induced all-nighters.

I'm hoping once our miracle baby is born to jump start FYC and continue to pay forward the thoughtfulness that my influences provided me with.

At this point life is great, and I'm thrilled to become a loving father.

Till next time folks...


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